This plugin emits both RSS and an XML sitemap for your site. The RSS Feed allows users to subscribe to content on your site and the sitemap allows search engines to better index your site. The plugin also emits a contentIndex.json file which is used by dynamic frontend components like search and graph.

This plugin emits a comprehensive index of the site’s content, generating additional resources such as a sitemap, an RSS feed, and a


For information on how to add, remove or configure plugins, see the Configuration page.

This plugin accepts the following configuration options:

  • enableSiteMap: If true (default), generates a sitemap XML file (sitemap.xml) listing all site URLs for search engines in content discovery.
  • enableRSS: If true (default), produces an RSS feed (index.xml) with recent content updates.
  • rssLimit: Defines the maximum number of entries to include in the RSS feed, helping to focus on the most recent or relevant content. Defaults to 10.
  • rssFullHtml: If true, the RSS feed includes full HTML content. Otherwise it includes just summaries.
  • includeEmptyFiles: If true (default), content files with no body text are included in the generated index and resources.