This plugin generates descriptions that are used as metadata for the HTML head, the RSS Feed and in folder and tag listings if there is no main body content, the description is used as the text between the title and the listing.

If the frontmatter contains a description property, it is used (see Syntax). Otherwise, the plugin will do its best to use the first few sentences of the content to reach the target description length.


For information on how to add, remove or configure plugins, see the Configuration page.

This plugin accepts the following configuration options:

  • descriptionLength: the maximum length of the generated description. Default is 150 characters. The cut off happens after the first sentence that ends after the given length.
  • replaceExternalLinks: If true (default), replace external links with their domain and path in the description (e.g. https://domain.tld/some_page/another_page?query=hello&target=world is replaced with domain.tld/some_page/another_page).