This plugin generates a table of contents (TOC) for Markdown documents. See table of contents for more information.


For information on how to add, remove or configure plugins, see the Configuration page.

This plugin accepts the following configuration options:

  • maxDepth: Limits the depth of headings included in the TOC, ranging from 1 (top level headings only) to 6 (all heading levels). Default is 3.
  • minEntries: The minimum number of heading entries required for the TOC to be displayed. Default is 1.
  • showByDefault: If true (default), the TOC should be displayed by default. Can be overridden by frontmatter settings.
  • collapseByDefault: If true, the TOC will start in a collapsed state. Default is false.


This plugin needs the Component.TableOfContents component in quartz.layout.ts to determine where to display the TOC. Without it, nothing will be displayed. They should always be added or removed together.