This plugin provides support for Obsidian compatibility.


For information on how to add, remove or configure plugins, see the Configuration page.

This plugin accepts the following configuration options:

  • comments: If true (default), enables parsing of %% style Obsidian comment blocks.
  • highlight: If true (default), enables parsing of == style highlights within content.
  • wikilinks:If true (default), turns wikilinks into regular links.
  • callouts: If true (default), adds support for callout blocks for emphasizing content.
  • mermaid: If true (default), enables Mermaid diagram rendering within Markdown files.
  • parseTags: If true (default), parses and links tags within the content.
  • parseArrows: If true (default), transforms arrow symbols into their HTML character equivalents.
  • parseBlockReferences: If true (default), handles block references, linking to specific content blocks.
  • enableInHtmlEmbed: If true, allows embedding of content directly within HTML. Defaults to false.
  • enableYouTubeEmbed: If true (default), enables the embedding of YouTube videos and playlists using external image Markdown syntax.
  • enableVideoEmbed: If true (default), enables the embedding of video files.
  • enableCheckbox: If true, adds support for interactive checkboxes in content. Defaults to false.


Don’t remove this plugin if you’re using Obsidian to author the content!