This plugin provides support for ox-hugo compatibility. See OxHugo compatibility for more information.


For information on how to add, remove or configure plugins, see the Configuration page.

This plugin accepts the following configuration options:

  • wikilinks: If true (default), converts Hugo {{ relref }} shortcodes to Quartz wikilinks.
  • removePredefinedAnchor: If true (default), strips predefined anchors from headings.
  • removeHugoShortcode: If true (default), removes Hugo shortcode syntax ({{}}) from the content.
  • replaceFigureWithMdImg: If true (default), replaces <figure/> with ![]().
  • replaceOrgLatex: If true (default), converts Org-mode Latex fragments to Quartz-compatible LaTeX wrapped in $ (for inline) and $$ (for block equations).


While you can use this together with ObsidianFlavoredMarkdown, it’s not recommended because it might mutate the file in unexpected ways. Use with caution.

If you use toml frontmatter, make sure to configure the Frontmatter plugin accordingly. See OxHugo compatibility for an example.